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I am a farmer. I plant crops. I sell crops to make money. I lose money when bugs eat crops. I spray to kill bugs. Each year more bugs to kill. I spray more to kill bugs. I don't know why.

Sid, the Science Kid, was here to play with Tim yesterday. Sid asked about crops. I told Sid about bugs. Sid said: there are bad bugs and good bugs. Sid said: good bugs eat bad bugs. Sid said: When I spray I kill bad bugs and good bugs. When I kill good bugs they don't eat so many bad bugs. That's why I have to spray more to kill bad bugs. Sid said: Help good bugs grow more so they eat more bad bugs.

Sid also said: Can't do just one thing. Sid said: Have to think before act. Think what will also happen from act. Think what will happen from result. Think what will make result hard. Maybe other people know more. Maybe they can help know what to do. Maybe they can help what not to do. Sid said: Mostly problems happen when people don't think right. Sid said: Answer mostly think AND what else. I think this not too hard!

This is an adaptation of Unleashing Understanding: The Essence of AND for all those who continue to complain that Systems Thinking is too hard or too complicated or too whatever.


The Essence of AND?
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