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The Accidental Adversaries Systems Archetype represents a structure where two entities which would be in a synergistic growth relationship end up limiting each others results because of their own activities.


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Related Concepts

Effective Strategies

This structure points out how myopic local activity, with the best of intentions, can lead to an overall limiting development of the global system, and actually inhibit local development as well.

  • A and B need to determine whether it is really better to be partners in creating the future or competitors, and do one or the other, not both. At present A and B are neither as they undermine each others success to promote their own success. Sounds like enemies to me.

  • Alternatively, some higher authority could alter the structure in such a way that A to A and B to B didn't promote the individual result of A and B.

  • Another alternative would be to alter the structure in such a way that the result is not measured in terms of A and B individually but in terms of the total result of the two of them together. In this way it should be quite quickly evident that each is undermining their own success through their self-serving actions.

Areas of Concern

  • There are currently no known Systems Archetypes that are derivatives of the Accidental Adversaries Systems Archetype.



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