Adding Disability to Disease

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Diabetes Disease Model in ithink

Fig. 1 - Understanding Diabetes Population Dynamics in ithink Source

Disability Adjusted Life Years

In chronic care we provide comfort and assistance to people living with both disease and disability. Disability refers to the level of physical mental and social functioning of the individual. (ICF Definition). The Burden of Disease is calculated using Disability Adjusted Life Years DALYs, and has two components, years of life lost due to premature death and years spent living with disability, adjusted for the level of disability. We have added these calculations to the ithink Diabetes Model Diabetes V302 to produce this additional graph.

ithink model

Fig. 2 - DALY Calculations in ithink Source

output graphs

Fig. 3 - DALY Outputs in ithink Source

Healthy Life Expectancy

Finally we combine YLLs and YLD to calculate DALYs for People with Diabetes and also calculate the more positive recent measure of HALEs Health Adjusted Life Expectancy or just Healthy Life Expectancy. We can then show the accumulated differences of varying treatment parameters from the current settings starting around 2014 on comparative graphs

ithink model

Fig. 4 - HALE Calculations in ithink Source

output graphs

Fig. 5 - HALE Outputs in ithink Source
Fig. 6 - Comparative HALE Outputs in ithink Source
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