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Adventures in Wonderland is an endeavor to create a set of reconfigurable pearls of systems understanding, knowledge and wisdom, which others can reconfigure as learning sequences as meets the needs of the target audience. Please provide feedback via the associated LinkedIn discussion. Closely related to this is the Enabling a Systems Thinking World efforts.

  • The next time the video recorded include:
    • Right click on main though to expand or contract all nodes in mind map
    • Use SystemsWikiMap directly rather than ever going directly to
    • Click on Systems Image to display Main Page
    • Reminder that all models are available online for others to interact with




  • Script Module
    • Do this in Comapping and plan on using the title of the element in Comapping as the title of the video and the SystemsWiki page.
    • Use "/" for multi-part modules
    • Include a description of the intent of the module and use the intent on the wiki page and in YouTube.
    • Include links to all the elements or modules to be included.
  • Create Video
    • Multiple components as identified. These are currently being opened in multiple browser tabs to click through as the recording is occurring.
    • Recording being done with TechSmith Snagit.
    • Sizeit is used to setup window sizes as follows for Google Chrome
      • 1280x720 if the top broswer tabs are to show
      • 1296x832 if only the brwser active window is to be used.
    • There are some detailed notes on the Video Development Notes wiki page.
    • Upload the video directly from within the Snagit Editor directly to the Systems Thinking World Channel in YouTube.
    • Use the same name as in Comapping
    • Snagit Editor will provide embed code upon completion of the upload
    • Add details in YouTube
      • Use the same descriptoin as provided in the Comapping intent statement
      • Include links to SystemsWiki Focus Page, One Plus One Equals?, and
      • Video category is Education
  • Create Wiki Page
    • Clipboard Manager is being used to manage the template for the wiki page.
    • Page Title. This should be the same as the name of the video and the node in Comapping.
    • Intent. This is not actually a section though is the text describing the intent of this element and should be the same as the description added to the video. The text appears on the page before the video.
    • Embeded Video. Use 854x510 and note that YouTube is currently messing up the embed size to it has to be fixed manually
    • Notes. This is where the description of the intent of the video goes.
    • Elements. Lists links to all the items that were used in the video.
    • Related. Items that may be of interest.
    • References. Include any links that are relevant though don't fit in the categories above. Include link to OPOE? page.
    • Footer. Use the standard footer include code.
    • Categories. Include One Plus One Equals? and any other categories that are relevant.
  • Announce. Probably on Twitter.


The following are considered to be boundary conditions for the One Plus One Equals? environment as it is implemented.

  • The environment where the content is hosted has to make it very easy to implement and update
  • Needs to be able to handle hundreds or thousands of components
  • The hosted content has to be indexable by all the major search engines
  • Network navigation has to be generated on they fly and it seems that [ SWMap] may just do that
  • If you do a search and it doesn't hit a direct page match then it will do a search based on what you entered and create a map based on the search results


Additional Resources
Systems Thinking in Action Discussions * Gene Bellinger
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