Ageing and Future Health Scenarios References

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RAND US Future Elderly Microsimulation Model

Implications in the health sector given the tendency of population aging in Mexico. Cindy Taméz, Marcela González, Yetzirah Vizcarra, Carlos Domínguez, Gloria Pérez ISDC Oxford2004

"Population Ageing and Health - Empirical Needs for Effective Foresight " Dr Michael Wolfson, Assistant Chief Statistician, Statistics Canada Plenary Address Microsimulation Conference Dec 2003 NATSEM

The Art of the Long View Peter Schwartz Book 1991 Doubleday ISBN 0-385-26731-2

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Balancing Supply and Demand for Dementia Care in the Netherlands Roel van der Sanden, Hayke Everwijn, Etiënne Rouwette, Jan Gubbels ISDC2005 Boston

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