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  • Dates Monday 25th February 2013 to follow the related 18-22 Feb Dynamic Modelling Workshop & Training at UNSW
  • Working Title: Choice behaviour modelling and simulation in health: Theory meets data
  • The aim of this workshop is to plan ongoing collaboration in a portfolio of health care applications that integrate choice modelling with dynamic modelling.
  • Venue CenSoC UTS 645 Harris St Ultimo Sydney (near Central Station)


Workshop Objectives

  • To introduce choice modeling to Dynamic Modelers,
  • Show examples of combining dynamic with choice modeling, and
  • Discuss and plan future collaboration


  • One day interactive discussion among a smaller group
  • Focus on planning future health care areas for collaboration
  • Examples of use of dynamic models with choice model components from health care and other industries
  • Mobile data and survey collection devices
  • Use of feedback devices as behavioural interventions to improve health

Method Topics under Consideration

  • Dynamic Models including Choice Models
    • Framed as a component of Behavioral Modeling and Simulation:From Individuals to Societies pdf book
    • Both Aggregate and Individual Agent Based Models (ABM and Multi-agent Simulations MAS)
    • Individual, Organization and Societal (IOS) Multiscale Models
    • Socio-Cognitive Agents
    • Pattern oriented and Event Driven Models (System Dynamics and Discrete Event Simulation)
    • Naturalistic decision making processes of agents with biographies interacting in a social network environment
    • Constrained and enabled by events, situations and habits, including biases
  • Eliciting Preferences and linking Stated to Revealed Preferences
    • Validating Discrete Choice Experiments (DCE) with mobile Data
    • Value and Effectiveness
    • Motivation
    • Bounded Rationality
  • Behaviour Change Interventions
  • Systemic perspective to capture context
  • DCE Online Survey and Focus Group Software
  • Mobile Data Collection and Survey Devices See Stanley and Osgood's 2011 Youtube video on iEpi and modeling
  • Model-in-Loop planning and action

Application Areas of Interest

  • New Technology Adoption
  • Inequality
  • Wellbeing
  • Long Term Care
  • End of Life Decision making including Advance Care Planning Surveys
  • Workforce Decisions
  • Diabetes
    • Self managed
    • Gestational
    • Indigenous
    • Rural
  • Food Choices (Stated and Revealed)
  • Social distancing in infectious disease
  • Handwashing Behaviours
  • Adolescent health

Related Events

Dynamic Modelling Workshop & Training Sydney 18-22 February 2013

Behavior Context Picture

  • To open in a full screen window and explore further go to Behaviour IM-3345

Pricing and Logistics

  • This is planned to be at no cost to the participants

Registration Details

  • Please contact Geoff McDonnell at the link below, or CenSoC
Questions & Comments to Geoff McDonnell
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