Desirable Detailed Features of Model Frameworks for Health Care

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This section provides – in outline form – some notes on possible features being considered for incremental inclusion within the framework.

Overall principles

  • Build on
    • Existing material (diverse models of ours illustrating elements of the below)
    • Wizards (e.g. to create additional elements of the model, based on declarative specification)
    • Libraries
    • Eclipse-based plug in options
  • Where possible,
    • Declarative specification
    • Domain specific languages
  • Rigor & Relevance rather than tradeoffs
  • Use of software development and engineering principles to improve documentation, traceability, confidence in Software Development models.
    • “Pluggable” components (interface-based, so a more detailed or more computationally frugal component can be substituted in where desired)
    • Seeking modular, loosely coupled reusable components
    • Component based architecture/Inversion of control: Reconfiguring assumptions of connectivity without recompiling
    • Data sources and interfaces

Potential Initial Application Areas

  • Expanding Jim Rogers Anemia Management to diabetes self-care, cohorts, services and iron and progression of Chronic Kidney Disease and wider measures of wellbeing.
  • Rural Health (including China)
  • End of Life Decision Making including Discrete Choice Experiment integration
  • Linking self and Professional Care
  • Teamwork including use of trait (MBTI) and personality as network approaches
  • 3 level policy services and care interaction examples in Long Term Care, infection, diabetes and chronic kidney disease.
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