Dynamic Modelling Sydney Feb 2013 Post-Workshop

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  • Please send me some ideas about how you and we can help sustain and enhance each others’ dynamic modelling activities at the local, national and international level. We will circulate these ideas by 1st April, as agreed


  • In the meantime you have the AnyLogic CD with professional version evaluation and the AnyLogic examples.
  • There are many extra examples on the red and black USB drive handed out at the workshop, the Big Book of AnyLogic and other material on AnyLogic and AnyLogic 7.
  • Other online material is accessible via the AnyLogic website , Nate Osgood’s website including links to YouTube videos via the NathanielOsgood channel and posted by AnyLogic.
  • Nate’s recordings of the Sydney sessions will also be uploaded to YouTube with links available from his usual consensusABM link when his bandwidth permits.
  • Rosie Sadsad’s hospital acquired infection model can now be run online at RunTheModel

AnyLogic User Group Meetings

  • Evans & Peck Chatswood Sydney
  • Case Examples
  • Technical Training

AnyLogic Health

  • Session at AnyLogic User Group Meeting December 12th
  • Washington DC following Wintersim
Questions & Comments to Geoff McDonnell
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