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Fig. 1 - Causal Loop Diagram of R&D Dynamics [Source]
  • R&D Dynamics to foster innovation and increase the efficient production of useful products and services
  • Dynamic system underlying project life cycles
  • “Interactions between the R&D product, the firm, the customer and the nature of the work itself. A continuously ongoing set of activities:
    • Perception of the need for a new product by both the customer and the firm
    • Estimation by both the customer and the firm of the amount of people effort required to develop the product
    • Estimation of costs corresponding to the expected effort
    • Firm’s request for financial support by the customer
    • Customer’s evaluation of the request wrt the expected cost-value character of the proposed project, leading to possible commitment of customer funds
    • Instead of or in addition to the request for funds from the customer the firm may initiate investment of its own funds in the project
    • Undertaking of project effort including assembling of an engineering staff
    • Employment of the technical staff and the resultant accomplishment of job progress
    • Attempt at assessing the degree of project progress
    • Reformulation of project effort and value estimates based on the newly achieved project knowhow, producing suitability for continued investment by the customer or firm or both
    • Continuation until completion or cancellation”

-Ed Roberts (1964)


Roberts Edward B The Dynamics of Research and Development p5 Harper & Row NY 1964

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