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Clinical Staff Perspective

EDs are much more than waiting rooms, they also include assessment and treatment spaces where emergency department care is delivered to patients. This part of the ED dominates the perspective of the ED clinical staff. These ED care spaces are among the most sophisticated parts of the modern hospital, with rapid access to pathology testing, diagnostic imaging and emergency resuscitation and operative procedures. These services require additional staff and a range of appropriate spaces or treatment areas or transport services that are available when needed. We represent all this complexity by adding a single additional stock named treatment stations. We also explicitly split ED care completions into those patients admitted to hospital via the ED and those sent home, by having two outflows. We also add two additional stocks to be able to keep track of total patient numbers by accumulating the Total Admits and Total sent home in these stocks.


Fig. 1 - ED with Treatment Spaces [Source]

Model Outputs

Fig. 2 - Admit and Sent home Outputs [Source]
Fig. 3 - Selected Model Outputs with Slider settings [Source]
Fig. 4 - All Model Outputs with Slider settings [Source]

Extending the Model

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