Emergent System Dynamics

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Wikipedia Complex Systems

See also Simulation Methods for more general references


Complex Adaptive Systems and Health

Yaneer Bar-Yam NECSI http://www.necsi.org/cxworld/healthcare.html

The Challenge of Complexity in HealthCare Paul E Plsek, Trish Greenhalgh BMJ 2001, 323 625-8

Agent Based Modeling

European AgentLink III website

ISDC2005 Boston Workshop Agent Based Modeling Why Bother?

Review Science 11 Nov 2005 v310 p987 Pattern-Oriented Modeling of Agent-Based Complex Systems: Lessons from Ecology Grimm et al.

Agent Based Modeling and Simulation Tutorial Wintersim 2005

Agent Based Computational EconomicsLeigh Tesfatsion Department of Economics Iowa State University

Modelling the Forest or modelling the trees: A comparison of SD and Agent-based simulation Nadine Schiertz and Peter Milling ISDC2003 New York(Paper140) http://iswww.bwl.uni-mannheim.de/Forschung/pr/sd03/p-na.pdf

Exploring the Agent Vocabulary: Emergence and evolution in System Dynamics Nadine Schieritz ISDC2004 Oxford

Agent and Spatial Modeling ISDC2005 Boston and http://www.xjtek.com/download/papers

AnyLogic Website Examples

AnyLogic Simulation Australian Website

SimNexus Website (AnyLogic US)

Anylogic Health Examples including Dynamics of Contagion Model Australian Website

From System Dynamics and Discrete Event to Practical Agent Based Modeling: Reasons, Techniques, Tools Andrei Borshchev & Alexei Filippov ISDC Oxford2004 http://www.xjtek.com/download/papers

Comprehensibility as a Discrimination Criterion for Agent-Based Modelling and System Dynamics: An Empirical Approach Tobias Lorenz, Andrea Bassi ISDC2005 Boston http://www.systemdynamics.org/conf2005/proceed/index.htm

Agent-based Simulation and Modelling for Hospital Management Rainer Sibbel and Christoph Urban HICSS2004

The Nature of the Social Agent Kathleen Carley and Allen Newell J of Mathematical Sociology 1994,19;p28-46

In-Silico Experiments of Existing and Hypothetical Cytokine-Directed Clinical Trials using Agent Based Modeling Gary An, MD Critical Care Medicine 2004; 32(10):2050-2060.

Bob Mark's Simulation in the Social Sciences AGSM Course Mostly AB with some SD

Multiscale and Hybrid Modeling

Proceedings of the IEEE Special Issue on The Physiome and Beyond

In particular, Strategies and Tactics in Multiscale Modeling of Cell-to-Organ Systems Bassingthwaighte, J.B.; Chizeck, H.J.; Atlas, L.E.

See also Systems Biology

  • A Hybrid Epidemic Model: Combining the Advantages of Agent-based and Equation-based Approaches

Georgiy V. Bobashev, D. Michael Goedecke, and Feng Yu (RTI International) and Joshua M. Epstein (Brookings Institution) WinterSim2007 http://www.informs-sim.org/wsc07papers/186.pdf

Other Emergent Health specific areas

Medical Thinking:What do we know? http://www.openclinical.org/medicalThinking2006.html

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