Health Disparities and Systems Thinking

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Genes and Environment Interplay for Health

Cole's Theory of recursive developmental remodeling, described by Ana Diez Roux (2011)

Fig. 1 - Interplay of Genes and Environment [Source]

Genes and Environment and Physical Activity

Fig. 2 - Interplay of Genes Environment and Physical Activity [Source]

Combined Genes and Environment Diagrams

Fig. 3 - Interplay of Genes Environment Health and Physical Activity [Source]

Early Life Experiences Long Term Effects

Fig. 4 - Early Life Experiences Effects [Source]

Health and Socioeconomic Dynamics over the Life Course and Across Generations

Fig. 5 - Health and Social Effects across Generations [Source]

Area and Individual Factors and Health Outcomes

Fig. 6 - Area and Individual Interactions on Health [Source]


Ana V Diez Roux (2011) Complex Systems Thinking May Help Us Transcend Current Impasses in Health Disparities Research Am J Public Health 2011;101 1627-1634

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