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Participative Policy Modelling applied to the health care insurance industry Luc Verburgh Doctorate from Nijmegen, Nederlands ISBN 90-9006953-4

A Regulatory Paradox John W Rodat ISDC 2002?

Mastering the Transition to Capitation Gary B Hirsch and Jennifer M Kemeny
Healthcare Forum Journal, May/June 1994,89-97

Using Simulation to Evaluate Policies for the Financial Imbalance of the National Health Insurance in Taiwan Lihlian Hwang ISDC2005 Boston

Modeling the Health Insurance System of Germany: A System Dynamics Approach Stefan Grosser ISDC2005 Boston

A Simulation Model Of US Health Care Expenditure 1900-1950: The Effects Of Party, Policy Regime And War George W. Pasdirtz ISDC?

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