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One paper you might want to look at describes a Microworld that was developed to help people understand how to provide health care in an integrated manner rather than as disjointed parts of a system in name only. The Microworld was typically used in workshops with hospital trustees and other community leaders, medical staff, and hospital adminstrators to create a shared perspective on strategies for managing integrated delivery systems. You can find the paper at:

Gary Hirsch and Sherry Immediato's Integrated delivery systems Microworld paper

Another paper on health care Microworlds is: Hirsch, G. B. and C. S. Immediato (1999). "Microworlds and Generic Structures as Resources for Integrating Care and Improving Health." System Dynamics Review 15(3): 315-330.

A paper on an earlier health care Microworld is Hirsch, G. B. and J. M. Kemeny (1994). "Mastering the Transition to Capitation." Health Care Forum Journal 37(3 May-June): 89-97.

A good general introduction and discussion of design principles for Microworlds and Management Flight Simulators is contained in a presentation by Gary Hirsch at the 2005 ISDC in Boston. It includes the health care Microworld as a key example. You can find it at:
Gary Hirsch presentation on Simulators

Bette Gardner's Friday Night at the ER Breakthrough Learning http://www.blearning.com/

Project Value Game http://www.practicefields.com/

Risky Business: Mastering the New Business of Health High Performance Systems and the HealthCare Forum 1995 CDROM

A Management Flight Simulator for Community Care Eric Wolstenhome and John Crook In Book Enhancing Health Services Management The role of decision support systems Edited by Steve Cropper and Paul Forte Open University Press

Futures through the Eyes of a Health System Simulator Peter Lacey ISDC2005 Boston

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