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Systems Thinking World was established by and for those who believe a systemic perspective provides the best foundation for creating effective approaches for dealing with challenges and shaping a better tomorrow. Our purpose is to create content, foster interactions and to apply systems thinking to further an understanding of a systemic perspective to enable thinking and acting systemically.

The Perspectives Project surfaces Systemic Perspectives and employs discussions to evolve those perspectives to foster deeper understanding and insights for effective action. The Perspectives Project is what I initially envisioned Systems Thinking World to be six years ago. It's just taken a while to figure out how to build it. You may participate by sending your Kumu username to If you don't have a Kumu username you can get one for free at Kumu Signup. Using Perspectives might also be an interesting video. Beyond Connecting the Dots is a new kind of book on Systems Thinking and Modeling. Rather than being constrained by the printed page, it runs digitally on your computer or your tablet. Because of this it can provide you an exciting experience that goes beyond the printed word. The models in the book are truly interactive and you can directly experiment with them within the book as you read about them. Beyond Connecting the Dots is more than a book; it is a truly interactive learning environment that lets you play with ideas rather than just read them.
Insight Maker, a free web based multi-user modeling & simulation environment supporting collaborative model development. Health Care System Dynamics Insights collected by Mark Heffernan and Geoff McDonnell over the past two decades are being documented. Future Events Map of various systems thinking related events around the world.
Systems KeLE, a systems learning environment supporting an evolving understanding of systems thinking and its applications. Systems Thinking Modeling & Simulation News, a systems community aggregator where participants identify, comment on, upvote and downvote content. YouTube Channel hosts videos for various dimensions of Systems Thinking World. Subscribe to the channel to receive new video notices.
Kumu, web-based relationship modeling environment for developing network and systems thinking diagrams. SystemsWiki Blog tracing the development of Systems Thinking World and SystemsWiki components. Systems Modeling Diigo group library focused on curating references related to dynamic modeling of systems in Insight Maker and AnyLogic.
Systems Resources to support development of one's understanding of key Systems Thinking concepts. Reference Library used to manage links, notes, documents in support of the efforts of Systems Thinking World. SystemsWiki, a Twitter account posting systems thinking related links.

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