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Adventures in Wonderland, a set of learning threads of reusable modules created from Insight Maker Models and YouTube Videos, is intended to further understanding of a systemic perspective and promote thinking and acting systemically.

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[CLD] Causal Loop Diagram [EX] Example [IM] Insight Maker [LI] LinkedIn [SFD] Stock & Flow Diagram [SW] SystemsWiki [YT] YouTube [YP] YouTube Playlist

HTML Version of map for non Flash devices.
  • Initially it was found that Insight Maker models took longer to load in IE9 than Firefox or Google Chrome.
    • On Tools>Internet Options>Advanced I unchecked both the Disable script debugging options and performance improved.
  • Some graphics that appear fine in Google Chrome are not nearly as clear in Firefox or IE9.
    • If you're using IE9 the [YT] video links might be less painful.
  • It seems that when YouTube videos are presented using the watch_popup option there are no usage statistics captured. Because of this it was decided to stop using the watch_popup mode. The watch_popup option also doesn't seem to be documented in YouTube.
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