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The clinical quality and safety movement has grown rapidly over the past two decades. There is an increasing attention on preventing, detecting, reporting and learning from errors, including medication errors. Here is a simple model of the flow of inpatients through drug prescribing, administration errors and Adverse Drug events (ADE) leading to death or recovery.


Medication Error Simple Inpatient Chain

Fig. 1 - ithink Simple Inpatient Medication Error Model Source
Fig. 2 - ithink Simple Inpatient Medication Error Model and Output Source

Incident Reporting

We now add an incident reporting system and model its impact.

Structure of the reporting system

Fig. 3 - ithink Incident Reporting Model Source

Places in the error chain where the reporting system has an impact

Fig. 4 - Impact on Inpatient Medication Error Chain Source

Virtual Experiments

Fig. 5 - ithink Simulation Run Results 1 Source
Fig. 6 - ithink Simulation Run Results 2 Source
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