Michaelis Menten Kinetics

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Bond Graph Kinetic Modeling Metabolic Map

Fig. 0 - Map adapted from J LeFevre ISDC 2004 [Source]

Density Dependent Growth Model

The reaction rate V of catalytic reactions is primarily dependent on the concentration of the Substrate, here designated as product P.

Fig. 1 - Model adapted from System Zoo Z111 Example [Source]

Virtual Experiments

Fig. 2a - Simulation Run Results 1 [Source]
  • The above shows Michaelis-Menten kinetics
Fig. 2b - Simulation Run Results 2 [Source]
  • The above shows unrestrained growth for the case of no harvesting
Fig. 2c - Simulation Run Results 3 [Source]
  • The above shows decay at high harvest rate.

Catalytic Product Reaction Model

Fig. 3 - Model adapted from Hannon and Ruth Example [Source]
Fig. 4 - Simulation Run Results [Source]

Michael Menten Enzyme Receptor Sites Model

Fig. 5 - Model adapted from STELLA Example [Source]
Fig. 6 - Simulation Run Results [Source]


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