Organizational Traps

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Initial View

Organizational Traps inhibit learning, produce skilled incompetence instead of improved capabilities, defensive behaviors instead of productive behaviors, leading to more and more difficult situations and chronic persistent problems

Fig. 1 - Argyris' Organizational Traps-1 [Source]

Unfolding 1

Organizational Traps are a self-reinforcing combination of a gap between what we say and what we do, an atmosphere of blaming others, defensive behaviors to avoid fear and embarrassment, resulting in a failure to learn.

Fig. 2 - Argyris' Organizational Traps-2 [Source]

Unfolding 2

Fig. 3 - Argyris' Organizational Traps-3 [Source]

Unfolding 3

Fig. 4 - Argyris' Organizational Traps-4 [Source]

Unfolding 4

Fig. 5 - Argyris' Organizational Traps-5 [Source]

Unfolding 5

Fig. 6 - Argyris' Organizational Traps-6 [Source]

Fully Unfolded View

Fig. 7 - Argyris' Organizational Traps [Source]
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