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Jack Homer's and Bobby Milstein's Public Health intro to SD paper

Systems Thinking in Public Health

Syndemics Prevention Network CDC Atlanta Bobby Milstein

Forio Public Simulation of Syndemics Forio Business Solutions Web based simulation

Systems Approaches to Public Health Special Issue Am J Public Health March 2006

Kenneth McLeroy Thinking of Systems

Scott J. Leischow and Bobby Milstein Systems Thinking and Modeling for Public Health Practice

Gerald Midgley Systemic Intervention for Public Health

John D. Sterman Learning from Evidence in a Complex World

Lawrence W. Green Public Health Asks of Systems Science: To Advance Our Evidence-Based Practice, Can You Help Us Get More Practice-Based Evidence?

William M. Trochim, Derek A. Cabrera, Bobby Milstein, Richard S. Gallagher, and Scott J. Leischow Practical Challenges of Systems Thinking and Modeling in Public Health

Norman Daniels Toward Ethical Review of Health System Transformations

Yaneer Bar-Yam Improving the Effectiveness of Health Care and Public Health: A Multiscale Complex Systems Analysis

Glen P. Mays, Megan C. McHugh, Kyumin Shim, Natalie Perry, Dennis Lenaway, Paul K. Halverson, and Ramal Moonesinghe Institutional and Economic Determinants of Public Health System Performance

David T. Levy, Joseph E. Bauer, and Hye-ryeon Lee Simulation Modeling and Tobacco Control: Creating More Robust Public Health Policies

Michael Joffe and Jennifer Mindell Complex Causal Process Diagrams for Analyzing the Health Impacts of Policy Interventions

Andrew P. Jones, Jack B. Homer, Dara L. Murphy, Joyce D. Essien, Bobby Milstein, Don A. Seville, and Michael Engelgau Understanding Diabetes Population Dynamics Through Simulation Modeling and Experimentation

Michele S. Garfinkel, Daniel Sarewitz, and Alan L. Porter A Societal Outcomes Map for Health Research and Policy

Jack B. Homer and Gary B. Hirsch System Dynamics Modeling for Public Health: Background and Opportunities

Eric J. Suba, Sean K. Murphy, Amber D. Donnelly, Lisa M. Furia, My Linh D. Huynh, and Stephen S. Raab Systems Analysis of Real-World Obstacles to Successful Cervical Cancer Prevention in Developing Countries

Peter Fajans, Ruth Simmons, and Laura Ghiron Helping Public Sector Health Systems Innovate: The Strategic Approach to Strengthening Reproductive Health Policies and Programs

Dennis Lenaway, Paul Halverson, Sergey Sotnikov, Hugh Tilson, Liza Corso, and Wayne Millington Public Health Systems Research: Setting a National Agenda

Paige Muellerleile and Brian Mullen Sufficiency and Stability of Evidence for Public Health Interventions using Cumulative Meta-Analysis

Sudhir V, Srinivasan G, Muraleedharan VR. Planning for sustainable solid waste management in urban India. Syst Dyn Rev. 1997;13: 223–246.

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