Simple Diffusion of Innovation

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Simplest Model

Fig. 1 - Simplest Diffusion of Innovation Model -1[Source]

Simplest Model Output

Fig. 2 - Simplest Diffusion of Innovation Model Output[Source]

Model with Word of Mouth and Advertising

Fig. 3 - Simple Diffusion of Innovation Model -1[Source]

Virtual Experiments

Base Run

Fig. 4 - Simulation Run Results -1[Source]

With the above settings full adoption takes about 5 years

No Advertising

Fig. 5 - Simulation Run Results -2[Source]

With ineffective advertising there is no adoption. There are no early adopters to "pass the word".

Faster Adoption

Fig. 6 - Simulation Run Results -3 [Source]

Here full adoption takes less than 2 years

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