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Social Theory Metaphors and Connections Launchpad

Fig. 1 - Launchpad for Social Theory Metaphors [Source]

Ecological Theory

Fig. 2 - Ecological Theory [Source]

Systems Theory

Fig. 3 - Applied Systems Theory [Source]

Biological Theory

Fig. 4 - Biological Theory [Source]

Cognitive Science Theory

Fig. 5 - Cognitive Science Theory [Source]

Psychodynamic Theory

Fig. 6 - Erickson's Ego Psychological Theory [Source]

Behavioral Theory

Fig. 7 - Behavioral Theory [Source]

Social Role Theory

Fig. 8 - Social Role Theory [Source Missing]

Interactionist Theory

Fig. 9 - Symbolic Interactionism Theory [Source]

Economic Theory

Fig. 10 - Economic Theory [Source]

Critical Theory

Fig. 11 - Critical THeory [Source]
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