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Welcome to the SystemsWiki Model Library, a distributed virtual repository of Models for your use and continued development. In the context of the Model Library the term model has a very general definition.

A model is a simplification of reality intended to promote understanding.

The implication being that a model may be in any one of many forms though in the SystemsWiki context models are implied to provide some manner of Systems Thinking Perspective. It is believed that all models exist in one or more form, i.e., Causal Loop Diagram, Stock & Flow Diagram or Simulation, and if a simulation then it is performed with some specific Simulation Software. Additionally a model is expected to be related to one or more Subject Domain.

To allow you to find what you're looking for, you can either enter a subject in the search box on the left of the page and search or you can employ the Categories that are embedded within every SystemsWiki page, and the model pages specifically as follows:


Distributed Virtual Repository

If you're scratching your head as to what this means, it simply means that all of the models presented in the Model Library are not maintained within SystemsWiki. Many of them are, though many are actually on other websites maintained by other individuals or other organizations. The models included were considered to be sufficiently beneficial as to warrant inclusion in the library for centralized access.

Model Submissions

With your contributions the Model Library will continue to grow and better serve you and others in the future. There seems to be several ways a submission can be handled.

  • We can create a Login and then you can embed your model in the library.
  • You can send us the model and documentation and we can embed it in the library.
  • You can send us a link to the model so we can gather the info and embed it in the library.

And if you wish to submit an enhancement/correction to a model currently in the Model Library we can figure out how to handle that also.


You can search for multiple categories by using the Advanced search and entering the multiple categories you want to search on. The default search rule is to use a Boolean AND on the entries.

Thank you Nicolas Stampf!


Questions & Comments to Gene Bellinger

The Kokua License - Copyright (c) 1975...2017 Systems Thinking World Inc

Permission is hereby granted to freely exploit this content in any way by anyone for any purpose, without warranty of any kind. Attribution is appreciated, but not required.

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