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Systems Thinking World offers the following courses through Udemy.

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Insight Maker: Web Based Modeling & Simulation

Insight Maker is a free, multi-user, web based modeling and simulation environment that provides for both qualitative relationship modeling, stock & flow simulation and agent base simulation. Go to and sign up for a free user account. The following is an embedded sample model you can interact with.

Enabling a Better Tomorrow: A Systems Learning Community

It is evident from the current state of things around us that we're not nearly as good at dealing with situations as we could or should be. Typically our actions to address situations end up making the situation worse, or result in unintended consequences which present themselves as additional situations that have to be dealt with. Often it seems like we're playing Issue Whack-a-Mole. One might say that when it comes to dealing with situations we're the poster children for Pogo's "We have met the enemy and he is us!"

Enabling a Better Tomorrow is a free eLearning environment intended to demonstrate how the application of systems principles can improve the likelihood of solving problems so they stay solved and not create new ones in the process. Enabling a Better Tomorrow is constructed as an eLearning Map (eLMap) in Kumu as a set of concept learning threads. Each learning thread consists of a series of modules created using YouTube videos and Insight Maker and Kumu relationship models, each with explanatory narrative. An embedded set of discussion threads allow users to share their content perspectives with each other. Enabling a Better Tomorrow Intro Video. Eanbling a Better Tomorrow is also employed as a Systems Thinking Certification Program.

EaBT was developed by Gene Bellinger, a passionate Systems Thinker, co author of Beyond Connecting the Dots: Modeling for Meaningful Results, host of the Systems Thinking World discussion group on LinkedIn and developer of the website. Click here to access EaBT in Kumu. If you know others that might find this environment of interest please send them the URL to this page.


Systems Thinking World

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