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The following FREE webinars will be conducted by Systems Thinking World over the next few months as part of Enabling a Better Tomorrow: A Systemic Perspective. Click on the links provided below to register for the webinars of interest. Webinars will be recorded and posted on the Systems Thinking World YouTube Page. While each webinar is not a prerequisite for those that follow some of the later webinars would probably be more meaningful if you're familiar with the prior material. As such, if you're joining later in the sequence watching some of the prior videos might be helpful.


Previous Webinars

Creating the Future in a Web of Wonder

With everything connected to everything else, how do you make sense of it all. The intricate nature of the interwoven relationships tend to result in things being so complex we simply perceive them as being complicated and beyond our capacity to understand. Actually developed a web of understanding for the web of extended interactions is no nearly as complicated as it might initially seem.Understanding the web of interactions is not nearly as difficult as it may seem. Join us for this first session of Enabling a Better Tomorrow: A Systemic Perspective where we cut though the complexity to surface the underlying simplicity from which all the complexity arises.

Future Webinars

Systems Thinking Demystified

For all the hype about Systems Thinking, what is it really, and how is it relevant to whatever you're attempting to accomplish? Join us as we cut though all the hype and confusion and and distill systems thinking down to its real essence which you will find not at all confusing. And then we'll demonstrate the real benefit of thinking about things systematically and systemically in both parts and wholes.

Introduction to Insight Maker

As we seek to understand and deal with situations developing models often provides great assistance. Insight Maker is a free web based modeling and simulation environment which will enable you to develop both qualitative and quantitative models in support support of understanding. In this session we will provide an introduction to using Insight Maker to develop Rich Pictures and Causal Loop Diagrams to help understand relationships associated with a situation. A initial introduction to using Insight Maker to develop Stock & Flow simulation models to support understanding the implications of relationships will also be provided. Scott Fortmann-Roe, creator of Insight Maker, will be a guest presenter for this session.

Relationship Mapping with Kumu

Kumu is a relatively new web based environment with very powerful capabilities for developing relationship maps to assist in understanding a situation under study. While Kumu has a very powerful set of features is it very easy to get started with. Join us as we present the power and ease of use of Kumu in seeking to understand relationships. Jeff Mohr, co-founder of Kumu Systems, will be a guest presenter for this session.

Thinking Systemically

With a basic understanding of Systems Thinking and some tools to work with how does one actually develop a systemic perspective of a situation. And once that perspective is developed what does one do with it. In this session we will employ models to develop an understanding of several situations from a systemic perspective. After developing the perspective we'll investigate ways to leverage the understanding developed to deal with the situations.

Enabling a Better Tomorrow

The intent is to create approaches for dealing with situations such that problems stay solved and one doesn't create new ones in the process. This webinar presents an introduction to a process for achieving that. The process will then be applied to a very successful small start up company that's having difficulty staffing to keep pace with their growth and to an organization having difficulty getting an handle on their accounts receivables.

Systems Archetypes

There are frequently recurring well defined structures with characteristic patterns of behavior and well defined strategies for dealing with these structures. Learning to identify the patterns of behavior and the underlying structures can save you a substantial amount of effort trying to figure out how to deal with situations resulting from these structures. This session will investigate the basis for archetypes as well several of the most basic structures and their implications. Rebecca Niles, co-president of Leverage Networks, will be a guest presenter for this session. She will present the application of archetypes in an actual customer engagement.

Virtual Systemic Inquiry

Seldom is any situation today addressable by a single individual and it is highly unlikely that we actually know who the most appropriate people are. So how do you address situations when you don't know who the most appropriate people are and if you manage to identify them they're in a dozen different time zones and already extremely engaged. The Virtual Systemic Inquiry process will provide an approach to dealing with this. Susan Gibson will be a guest presenter for this session.

Dynamics Systems Methods

System Dynamics and Viable Systems Model offer insights as to how to understand situations where the dynamics are complex and the stakeholders are well aligned.

Soft Systems Methods

Learn about methods used to investigate approaches for dealing with situations where the stakeholders are not initially well aligned in terms of purpose.

Historical Webinars

Additional Resources
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