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The Essence of AND?

The Essence of AND? is an interactive environment which will guide individuals and teams through the development of systemic approaches for dealing with wicked problems.

In today’s fast-moving and complex world it seems to be getting harder to understand and solve problems. Many of us claim to be good problem solvers but what fraction are also great problem formulators? And if we want to be both problem formulator, problem solver AND not create a host of new problems in the process - then I would recommend having a good look around Gene Bellinger's most recent exploration ‘The Essence of AND?’. I have followed Genes work for many years and this recent development is a treasure trove for inquiring minds. Thanks, Gene! -- Grant Symons, Principle, BetterChange Another hit from Gene. The Essence of AND?: Systemic action learning at its best. This is an interactive learning environment that will help you build the habit of thinking before doing when tackling complex, gnarly problems. Avoid the roller coaster's downward slope to value destruction, learn how to create solutions that last, from the best. -- Fabian Szulanski, Trusted Advisor, Innovator, Catalyst

To get a better idea of the content please take a look at Creating the Future.

You may purchase access to this environment through PayPal for $14.95 and within 15 days if you're not completely satisfied I'll issue a full refund. Note that orders are being processed manually so once I receive the notice from PayPal along with your Kumu Username I'll provide you access to the environment and send you an email. If you don't have a Kumu Username you can acquire one for free from the Kumu Signup Page.


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June 2017

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