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Leveraging Systems Archetypes - $35

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Virtual Systemic Collaboration
Thu Mar 10 11am EST

Certified Systems Thinker Program

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Understanding Relationships & Their Implications

The following learning experiences, hosted by Gene Bellinger of Systems Thinking World, endeavor to share approaches and utilities which enable us to stop being the poster children for Pogo's, "We have met the enemy and he is us!" We learn by intent, and from experience, and often we're not fully aware of what we learn. Many of the assumptions we make, and the conclusions we draw, as a foundation for our beliefs are simply incorrect. When we then employ these beliefs as a basis for action, and the results produced are not as expected, we're confused. Learning to investigate, and understand, relationships and their implications for deeper understanding and insights is likely to be the best way out of the wicked dilemma.

Each 60-90 minute session is $15, which you may pay with PayPal, or most major credit cards via PayPal. All times listed are US Eastern Standard Time, which is UTC-5. See World Time Zones for additional detail. Once you register for a session you will receive an email receipt from PayPal. Reminders will be sent within 24 hrs after you register and one week, one day and one hour before each session. Audio for the Zoom sessions may be VOIP (Recommended) or dial-in (Not Toll Free). Click Here to test your Zoom connection. Attending these sessions from a small screen (cell phone) not recommended. Shortly after the session you will receive a link to a recording of the session along with links for all the content used during the session.

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There are currently no scheduled webinars.

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