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Resource Connections

The Systems Thinker, a repository of 800+ articles on various dimensions of Systems Thinking. These are primarily from Pegasus Communications over the past 20+ years. Beyond Connecting the Dots is a new kind of book on Systems Thinking and Modeling with truly interactive models in the book which you can experiment with as you read about them. Reference Library used to manage links, notes, documents in support of the efforts of Systems Thinking World.
Insight Maker, a free web based multi-user modeling & simulation environment supporting collaborative model development. Insight Maker Reference. Health Care System Dynamics Insights collected by Mark Heffernan and Geoff McDonnell over the past two decades are being documented. Future Events Map of various systems thinking related events around the world. Send updates to Nick Ananin at
Kumu, web-based relationship modeling environment for developing network and systems thinking diagrams. Kumu Reference. Model.Report, a systems community aggregator where participants identify, comment on, upvote and downvote content. YouTube Channel hosts videos for various dimensions of Systems Thinking World. Subscribe to the channel to receive new video notices.
SystemsWiki, a Twitter account posting systems thinking related links. Systems Thinking Resources to support development of one's understanding of key Systems Thinking concepts. Systems Modeling Diigo group library focused on dynamic modeling references in Insight Maker and AnyLogic.
Perspectives Group Diigo group which serves as a searchable library of all perspectives surfaced to date. The Perspectives Project surfaces noteworthy relationships and their implications as unfolding stories to foster discussion, deeper understanding, insights, and more effective action. Perspectives Archive repository for previously distributed issues of Perspectives with Gene Bellinger.

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The Perspectives Project
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