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Often one can develop a significant understanding from relationship models though once one begins to ask questions such as, when, how much, how long, etc. relationship maps are of little assistance. The simulation sessions with delve into using the features of Insight Maker to create stock & flow simulation models. These have the potential for providing a deeper understanding of the implications of the relationships of a model. The first session covers the building blocks and the elementary structures all simulations are created from. The second session works though development of a number of models demonstrating best practices for creating insightful simulation models. Emphasis will be placed on how to avoid becoming your own worse enemy when developing relationship models.

Insight Maker Simulation - Part I
Tue Feb 2 11am EST

Insight Maker Simulation - Part II
Thu Feb 4 11am EST

People invest a substantial amount of time creating relationship models and typically develop an understanding of what's in the relationship model and what's also between the lines. When shared others the perception is, more often than not, that the relationship model is an overly complicated mess beyond understanding. The storytelling sessions will show how to use features to unfold a relationship model as a story improving the likelihood that others will understand the model and the insights it is intended to surface.

Insight Maker Storytelling
Tue Jan 26 11am EST

Kumu Storytelling
Thu Jan 28 11am EST

Causal Relationship/Influence Mapping
Creating relationship maps is a relatively easy. Creating relationship maps that promote understanding and insights rather than simply being a convoluted complicated mess is another undertaking altogether. The relationship mapping session will provide a set of guidelines for creating meaningful relationship maps that are highly likely to convey the understanding and insights you intended.

Kumu Relationship Mapping
Tue, Jan 19 11am EST

Insight Maker Relationship Mapping
Thu Jan 21 11am EST

Environment Overview
Users are typically only aware of a small subset of the features and options of applications they use on a regular basis. The implication is that they could derive far greater value from the applications if they were aware of the additional features and options at their disposals. The overview sessions will provide an awareness of all the features and options that one might make use of in the applications.

Insight Maker Overview
Tue, Jan 12 11am EST

Kumu Overview
Thu Jan 14 11am EST

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