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STW KeLE Subscribe

If you wish to subscribe at this leading / bleeding edge of development
you can do so for $5/Month and that rate will continue for you into the future.
Once the we get the content structuring done the price will increase.

Director Systems Thinking World
February 2015

Subscription $5/Month
Please Supply Kumu Username
If you don't have a Kumu Username
register for a free one here
Kumu Signup
When I receive your registration I'll provide STW KeLE access and you'll receive a message from Kumu.
I'm doing this manually so it may take up to 24 hrs.

Leverage Networks

Leverage Networks is hard at work developing a resource for everything systems that more than fills the void left by Pegasus Communications. The New Systems Thinker is a return to the roots that I had always loved about the early years of The Systems Thinker. The New Systems Thinker actually has articles that present and describe networks of relationship and their implications. Leverage Networks recently posted the 2nd edition of "The New Systems Thinker" at...

and if you sign up for their mailing list you'll receive the next edition free also...

You might also consider becoming a member of Leverage Networks to support their efforts and get a 20% discount on Pegasus published products purchased during the year.

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