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Sessions are $15 each and you may pay with your PayPal account or most major credit cards. Why $15? Because $15 is sufficient to cover expenses. The sessions are not free as experience has shown that people tend to sign up for free things and then because there's no investment feel little obligation to show up. A small investment seems to alter that situation. Oh, and there are no refunds. It actually costs money to do refunds so plan ahead. All times listed are US Eastern Standard Time, which is UTC-5. See World Time Zones.

Note that once you register it may take up to 24 hrs for me to get connection info to you as I'm processing this manually. I will send a reminder with 24 hrs from when you register and a reminder both one day and one hour before the session. Shortly after the session is concluded I will send you a link to a video for the session.

Introduction to Insight Maker
Mon Jan 11 11am EST

Introduction to Kumu
Tue, Jan 12 11am EST

Simulation with Insight Maker
Thu Jan 14 11am EST

Sortytelling with Insight Maker
Mon Jan 18 11am EST

Storytelling with Kumu
Tue Jan 19 11am EST

Systems Archetypes
Thu Jan 21 11am EST

Systems Thinking Demystified
Mon Jan 25 11am EST

Systemic Intervention
Tue Jan 26 11am EST

Agent Based Modeling with Insight Maker
Thu Jan 28 11am EST

Intermediate Insight Maker
Mon FEb 1 11am EST

Intermediate Kumu
Tue Jan 2 11am EST

Advanced Kumu
Thu FEb 4 11am EST


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