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Systems Thinking World is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization operating with tax-deductible contributions from individuals and organizations who consider our efforts a meaningful contribution. You may donate using PayPal, or Credit Card, below. Our mailing address is Systems Thinking World Inc, PO Box 129, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948.


Director Systems Thinking World
August 2017



We are sincerely grateful for our supporters enabling our ongoing endeavors.

Peter Addor, Vishnu Agnihotri, David Allen, C James Bacon, Duane Banks, Romer Benitez, Tracy Benson, Hercules Bothma, Gabriel Byrd, James Cameron, Michael Charles, Brian Comali, Jean Corneau, Mario Lopez de Avila, Joe De Lux, Gerard de Zeeuw, Diana Fisher, Luciano Gallon, Carol Gorelick, Chip Hines, Graham Jacobs, Philip Jones, Andrew Kidd, Osnat Lustig, Thorbjoern Mann, Geoff McDonnell, Peiman Milani, Andy Milward, Jeff Mohr, Ryan Mohr, Julius Neviera, Michael Olson, Alan Pippenger, Pedro Portela, Rebecca Reese, Vincente Rul-lan, Steve Schneider, Werner Schoenfeldinger, Zach Shoher, Suziana Shukor, Greg Stevenson, Grant Symons, Fabian Szulanski, Edythe Thompson*, Rich Torr, Greg Tutunjian, Joe van Steen*, Steven Wallis, Stefan Wasilewski, Stephen Williams, Ryan Wold

* => multiple donations

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