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as of 2010-02-06:
improve happiness and quality of life of others
by helping others to make better choices

Sounds blabla or I am just dreaming?

material/activities: public + in a free/good reusable licence -> standing on the shoulders of giants
we have enough isolated groups or money seeking ones


as of 2010-02-07:

learning goal ?

Learning more about systems and thinking and the so-called methods/disciplines/schools/... surrounding these both

manage learning; managing both content and process ?

Learning by doing / helping in this wiki

communicate with others in the process of learning ?

If we didn't interact yet, shall we change this?

Systems Thinking World/Learning Program

  • Finally it is starting: better alpha version of the program, than nothing
  • What do you intend to gain from participating in this learning program?
    • more interaction with people interested in ST -> better than "reading just books", alone?
    • better learning experience:
      • What I know, can be deepend/applied?
      • What do I know actually?
      • Offer you the possibility to understand (me) better. OMG, isn't this just a "crash course" (crash, but what?) for 2 weeks? :-)
  • thoughts on Learning Program
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